The Course is Here!

Lutheranism 101 has proven to be a big hit, with tens of thousands of copies already sold. We’ve had to go back on press with it several times already. A big request we have received is that we prepare a course based on Lutheranism 101 that can be used in congregations for adult instruction, confirmation, new member orientation, small group study, Bible classes, you name it—the possibilities are endless. We have listened, and we are now responding to provide you with what you need.

The Course is available now. Click here for more details and ordering information.

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3 Responses to The Course is Here!

  1. Richard Kauzlarich says:

    Can’t come too soon for me — have worked through the first two sections preparing PowerPoint slides (full credit to CPH for the template and the slides provide a detailed outline of each chapter) for use in our Sunday morning Adult Bible Class on Lutheranism 101 at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Arlington VA. Excellent response from participants. Have noticed unlike other studies from CPH that Lutheranism 101 does not have questions at the end of chapters so I have inserted some of my own. Will be a comfort if The Course has questions that we can draw on for further discussion.

    • LauraL says:

      So glad the PowerPoints are helpful to you! Lutheranism 101 is a book, not a Bible study, so we didn’t provide any study questions at the end of chapters. But The Course has many questions for each chapter. Some questions will lead you right to the answer; some will be great discussion starts for your class. As soon as we have final copy, we’ll provide a link to a sample.

  2. Peter says:

    Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks for this series. We are former non-denominational evangelicals and are enjoying the journey to becoming Confessional Lutherans. We just purchased the book a couple days ago and are finding it extremely helpful. Thanks again.

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