Lutheranism 101 as a Bible Study

How can you use Lutheranism 101 in a class setting or Bible study? Faith Lutheran Church in Moorpark, CA has been posting videos of their class progress.

Here is the latest:

Click here for more videos!

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  1. Richard Kauzlarich says:

    We are using Lutheranism 101 as one of our Adult Bible Class offerings on Sunday mornings at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Arlington VA. There is very strong interest in learning about what Lutherans believe from a cross section of the congregation — young/old, new Lutherans, old Lutherans, non-Lutherans. The book sparks interesting and thoughtful discussion and has been a magnet for members who have not participated in other adult education offerings. As leader/moderator of the class, I am using the PowerPoint slides that are offered as a download. I build on these with additional slides I create providing further detail from Lutheranism 101 to ensure that my presentation is consistent with book. It also helps me to be better organized. One thing I find missing is a question (or two) at the end of each chapter to pull the themes together. I have found this important especially in the section on relationships. You have done an excellent job setting up each section and chapter with bullets on the main themes but I find it a good learning tool to end with a “so what?” thought. I’ve made up my own questions and the class seems to respond well to that. Participants are very happy with Lutheranism 101 and have purchased copies to share with friends and family.

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