A Lutheranism Quiz — Just for Fun

Here are a baker’s dozen questions about Lutheranism and Lutheranism in America, for you to relax and ponder.  How well did you do, before going to Wikipedia?

1.  Which of these was not written by Martin Luther?

a. Small Catechism
b. Large Catechism
c. Augsburg Confession
d. Smalcald Articles

2.  Which of these topics are not discussed in the Ninety-Five Theses?

a. Penance
b. Marriage of Priests
c. Purgatory
d. Authority of the Pope

3.  T/F: The name “Lutheran” is older than the name “Protestant.”

4.  Martin Luther’s teachings were condemned at the Imperial Congress of

a. Worms, 1521
b. Speyer, 1529
c. Augsburg, 1530
d. Augsburg, 1555

5.  T/F: In their official confessions, Lutherans explicitly have named Scripture to be the only infallible rule and norm of faith and life since 1577, reaffirming this solid belief held since 1517.

6.  The oldest American Lutheran church building was dedicated in Essington, Pennsylvania in

a. 1645
b. 1680
c. 1700
d. 1748

7.  The oldest church that is today a member of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod is

a. St. Paul, Fort Wayne
b. Trinity, St. Louis,
c. St. Matthew, New York City
d. Old Zion, Philadelphia

8.  What Lutheran pastor helped American Lutherans return to their confessional identity during the eighteenth century via the Pennsylvania Ministerium?

a. Samuel S. Schmucker
b. Henry M. Muhlenberg
c. John A. Wygandt
d. John N. Kurtz

9.  Which Lutheran pastor sparked the nineteenth-century Lutheran confessional awakening in 1818?

a. August Kavel
b. Martin Stephan
c. Wilhelm Löhe
d. Claus Harms

10.  Which one of these Lutheran pastors was an important traveling missionary helped by Wilhelm Löhe?

a. Ferdinand Walther
b. Ottomar Fürbringer
c. Friedrich Wyneken
d. Albrecht Hoppe

11.  Who was the first president of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod?

a. Friedrich Pfotenhauer
b. Franz Pieper
c. Heinrich Schwan
d. Ferdinand Walther

12.  T/F: Scripture itself teaches the proper distinction between Law and Gospel as the key to understanding Christ in Scripture and His relationship with us.

13.  T/F: The belief that a person is elected to salvation on account of his or her good behavior and in view of faith is contrary to the biblical teaching of free grace alone in Christ Jesus.

Answers are in the comments.

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One Response to A Lutheranism Quiz — Just for Fun

  1. ScotK says:

    Quiz answers:


    1. c. Augsburg Confession

    2. b. Marriage of Priests

    3. T  “Lutheran” dates from 1519; “Protestant” dates from 1529

    4. a. Worms, 1521

    5. T

    6. a. 1645

    7. C

      a. St. Paul, Fort Wayne, 1837;
      b. Trinity, St. Louis, 1839;
      c. St. Matthew, New York City, 1664;
      d. Old Zion, Philadelphia, 1742

    8. b. Henry M. Muhlenberg

    9. d. Claus Harms

    10. c. Friedrich Wyneken

    11. d. Ferdinand Walther

    12. T (Romans 2:14–15; 16:25–26; Galatians 3:12; John 5:39)

    13. T

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