Why is John a Lutheran?

I am a Lutheran Christian because the idea of God not only extending the hand but being the One who does the grabbing is the only idea that makes sense, and the suffering God on the Cross who does it is the only God Who makes sense.

I am a Lutheran because I believe there is a real, present and objective God on Whose promises I can rely, who won’t lie to me and Whom I can trust even when I am at my lowest — or even especially when I’m at my lowest.

I am a Lutheran because I know something happens to me when I eat Christ’s Body and when I drink His Blood, I know something happened to me when I was baptized, I know something happens when I hear his Word: I know I am forgiven.

I am a Lutheran because I am a confessor: I want to tell what I’ve heard and been promised. I am a Lutheran because a pastor gave me a Book of Concord and said, ‘Read it, read it all, and let’s talk about when you’re done.’ Well, I read it, and it wasn’t long before I said, “Now I know what ‘Gospel’ really means.”

John Hudson
Lutheran’s Deer Leg

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