Lutheranism 101 for Kids

That’s right – the latest addition to the Lutheranism 101 family is just for kids!

Lutheranism 101 for Kids helps pre-confirmation children learn more about God’s love for them in Christ and about faith as a Christian using:

  • A Glossary of Terms
  • A Topical Index
  • A Scripture Index
  • Short easy-to-read and age appropriate article
  • Stuff You Need to Know (sidebar call outs)
  • From the Bible! – Quotations from the Bible
  • Believe, Teach, Confess! – Quotations from creeds or Lutheran teachings
  • Word Alert! – Words and phrases quickly defined

This book introduces readers to three other books: the Bible, the Small Catechism by Martin Luther, and the hymnal Lutheran Service Book. In these pages, you’ll find out how important each of these books can be for growing in faith. It gives students a quick, useable, and comprehensive overview of the Lutheran faith and practice.

Click here to view an excerpt and to order!

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3 Responses to Lutheranism 101 for Kids

  1. Rev Joseph Weatherell says:

    Recently purchased a copy of Lutheranism 101 for Kids to possibly use in my 1st year (6th grade) confirmation class. The back of the book mentions a “free leader’s guide” on the website, but no such guide or link to one exists. Is there one truly available? Am I just not seeing it?

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