The Lutheranism 101 Books Series

Lutheranism 101 books give you usable and comprehensive overviews of what Lutherans believe and teach. These beliefs rest upon the foundational discussions of who God is, who man is, and who Jesus is. Along the way, and because faith does not happen in isolation, the series also presents how this faith is confessed in what Lutherans do, both in their corporate practice and in their personal piety.

Lutheranism 101

Lutheranism 101

After the release of the original Lutheranism 101 book, numerous questions, comments, and suggestions were received, focusing on the meeting point between faith and practice. The Lutheranism 101 series grew out of this correspondence. Each book in the series picks one topic and explores the basics of the Lutheran teaching in that area. The author also explores practice in that area, the understanding being that one necessarily informs the other.

The very title, Lutheranism 101, points forward to learning and building up of the Christian faith through study and by participation in the Divine Service. Lutheranism 101 encourages the use (and, dare we say, acquisition) of the basic resources for a Christian’s study and growth: a Bible, Luther’s Small Catechism, a hymnal, and ultimately, the Lutheran Confessions.

Rev. Scot Kinnaman
General Editor, Lutheranism 101
From the Foreword,
Lutheranism 101: The Lord’s Supper

The Lutheranism 101 Books:

  • Lutheranism 101 page
  • Lutheranism 101: THE COURSE page
  • Lutheranism 101: THE LORD’S SUPPER page
  • Lutheranism 101: FOR KIDS page
  • Lutheranism 101: HOLY BAPTISM page
  • Lutheranism 101: WORSHIP page
  • Lutheranism 101: ALL ABOUT JESUS page


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2 Responses to The Lutheranism 101 Books Series

  1. Rev Todd schroeder says:

    How about a confirmation book/curriculum using Lutheranism 101?

    • ScotK says:

      Pastor Schroeder, since we came out with THE COURSE, I haven’t heard much more about the need for study material using Lutheranism 101. However, I suspect there are some creative catechists out there who have begun to think of how to use, or maybe already are using, Lutheranism 101 as primary or supporting text in a full-blown confirmation course/curriculum. Without making any promises, I would be interested in seeing that material.

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