Who’s Excited about The Course?

We’ve gotten so many wonderful comments from people excited about The Course. (See our Facebook page for more.) We’re excited as well and can’t wait to hear how you guys will be using the book. Let us know what your plan is – are you using it in a class at church? on your own? with friends?

Yes, it’s still only $5.00 for a single copy! Click here and make sure to use promo code YTH at checkout.

Need the book as well? Click here to get Lutheranism 101 and The Course for $19.99.

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  1. Richard Kauzlarich says:

    Our Savior Lutheran Church in Arlington VA has been working through Lutheranism 101 since May as one of our adult bible class offerings. We are now up to Chapter 13.

    As the moderator of the course I have recognized that not everyone will read the chapters before class or can make each class. I’ve prepared a detailed PowerPoint summary for each chapter and posted it on MobileMe: http://public.me.com/rdkauzlarich (password is bibleclass) so those who can’t make every class can know what we have covered. I’ve ordered The Course (and appreciate the leader’s manual) because one of the criticisms (and I have very few criticisms) of Lutheranism 101 is the lack of questions to help generate discussion. The Course from what I have seen fills that void. Given where we are as a group I will probably continue my PowerPoint summary — with full credit to CPH! Thanks for the PowerPoint templates too. You have completed a great package with The Course.

    Time to think ahead however. I’ve noted on other blogs that I would find a Confessions 101 or Book of Concord 101 a great next step. Personally, I can’t figure out how to approach the Book of Concord — its size scares me. I’ve moderated a class on the Augsburg Confession using the excellent CPH course. That worked. But we need a less scary but systematic and orthodox way of looking at the Lutheran Confessions that would appeal to today’s audience. Lutheranism 101 is a good model.

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