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The Lord’s Supper – Available now!

The newest book in the Lutheranism 101 series is available now! Click here for more info, including a free downloadable Leader Guide. Heard on Facebook Bob >>Lutheranism 101 Received my copy of Lutheranism 101: The Lord’s Supper today. . . … Continue reading

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Close Communion: An act of Love?

Before I became Lutheran, communion was a time to sit in my seat and beat myself up for being so evil that it required Jesus’ death to save me from my sins. It was a time for feeling guilt, shame, and unworthiness. And following communion, I left feeling the same.

But now that I know the true meaning of The Lord’s Supper, I gladly run to His table where I receive grace, forgiveness of sins, and strengthening of faith in partaking of, and participating in the Lord’s true body and true blood until he returns to take me home where I will join him at his own table in Heaven. Continue reading

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