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Sampler of Lutheranism 101

Download a PDF sample of Lutheranism 101

PowerPoint Slide presentations

Although not developed as a curriculum piece, you’ve been thinking that the book, with its easy-to-read articles, charts, and bullet points, might be a helpful teaching tool and resource  for use in an adult or youth study, and you’re wondering how you might just do that. Maybe we can help.

A comprehensive set of PowerPoint presentation slides are now available and freely downloadable. There are six slide decks, a separate deck for each Part of the book. Slides cover the main topics for each chapter. The same bullet point style used in the book is featured on the slides making the key topics covered in each chapter easy to identify. In this way the slides become easy discussion starters or even a way to summarize the discussion.

Each deck also offers three fully designed “blank” slides that can be easily customized in PowerPoint to fit your needs.

A “bonus” seventh slide deck presents the eight Agnus Day comics used in the book plus an additional eight comics available only with the PowerPoint presentation.

To download the PowerPoint presentation slide decks, follow the hyperlinks below.

Lutheranism 101 Agnus Day comics

Promotional Resources

You asked for it. So, we’ve created some great resources for you to promote Lutheranism 101 in your congregation. Just provide your congregation’s secretary or pastor with these download links and they will have all that they need for the next bulletin or newsletter.

Suggestions for using Lutheranism 101 with  traditional teaching materials


4 Responses to Samples and Downloads

  1. Craig says:

    I am so glad there is a book out like this now. I married into the Lutheran Church. I came from a “mainstream” evangelical upbringing. I can’t even begin to explain the feelings of gratitude I have for my wife and for friends (of course they were wearing the mask of God) that introduced us 16 years ago. I did not understand it all at first, but through great friends in the church and books like “The Spirituality of the Cross” by Gene Edward Vieth, the light bulb finally clicked and questions that no one could answer for me growing up, finally made perfect sense.

    I wish this book had been out back then and made the transition quicker. Paul rights about being a slave to sin. I never knew what that meant until I began to understand some of the basic teachings of confessional lutheranism. What chains we put on ourselves when we continually wonder if we have done enough to earn our salvation.

    Thanks for making publications like this available. I have family that I am giving copies to so they too can hopefully begin to understand.

  2. Bernie says:

    This is great stuff! Even an “Old Lutheran” such as myself gets a lot of great information and background from reading Lutheranism 101. Now with the available downloads, it’s even easier to spread the great news of Justification by Faith to others. Please keep up the great work.

  3. Thurman says:

    I think this series is terrific. Does anyone know when the leader’s guide to Holy Baptism will be available to download?

    • ScotK says:

      Glad you like it, Thurman. You can find the leader guide for Holy Baptism on on the Holy Baptism page–in the right-hand column under Lutheranism 101 Books. The link will take you to a .pdf download.

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