Lutheranism 101 Widget

Use the below code to place a Lutheranism 101 Fun Fact Widget on your site.



Code for the vertical widget:


5 Responses to Lutheranism 101 Widget

  1. Marvin Moen says:

    Need to learn more of Lutheranism 101.

  2. ScotK says:

    Great to hear of your desire to learn more about Lutheranism 101. Check out the link in the sidebar under “Learn More.” The link will take you to where you can order the book. In the meantime , certainly take a look at the several posts here on

  3. Carol says:

    Last year for the whole month of October I put a Luther quote a day on my Facebook page. This year, I’d like to use your widgets…how many do you have? and what is the easiest way for me to get them so that I can post them to Facebook?

    • ScotK says:

      Hi Carol.
      The Lutheranism 101 widget randomly pulls from a file of sixty possible entries; everything from the primary texts of the Small Catechism and quotes from the Confessions, to Luther quotes, need-to-know definitions, facts, and Bible verses. There is no way to predict what will appear on any given day.
      I do know that the code for the widget will bring the widget with all its content to your website or blog. I don’t think that Facebook supports widgets at this time. So I am not sure how we can provide you Lutheranism 101 widget and content for Facebook. Sorry.
      Carol, if I have missed your point, my apologies, and please try again.

  4. David S. Bush says:

    I need to buy this wonderful book.

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