Lutheranism 101: For Kids

Lutheranism 101: For Kids

For Kids

For kids who want to learn more about God and His love for us through Christ, Lutheranism 101 for Kids helps teach what Lutherans believe, teach, and confess. This book creates a solid foundation upon which a lifetime of sound teaching can be built.

Lutheranism 101 for Kids is a book to help children learn more about God’s love for them in Christ and about their faith as a Christian. Its short articles, sidebar features, glossary of terms, and topical index help prepare fourth through sixth graders for confirmation.

This book introduces readers to three other books: the Bible, the Small Catechism by Martin Luther, and the hymnal Lutheran Service Book. In these pages, they’ll find out how important each of these books can be for growing in faith.

Lutheranism 101 for Kids helps pre-confirmation children learn more about God’s love for them in Christ and about faith as a Christian using:

    • Short easy-to-read and age appropriate article
    • Stuff You Need to Know – Important stuff in bite-sized pieces
    • From the Bible! – Quotations from the Bible
    • Believe, Teach, Confess! – Quotations from creeds and Lutheran teachings
    • Word Alert! – Words and phrases quickly defined
    • A Glossary of Terms
    • A Topical Index
    • A Scripture Index

For those who want to use Lutheranism 101 for Kids as a teaching resource, we’re offering these free downloadable extras to help groups, families, and individuals dig deeper into Lutheran theology:

Leader’s Guide – a simple tool for reviewing the book and sparking discussion. Includes key points, related Scripture passages, and open-ended questions for each section.

Workbook – an expanded tool for building teaching units around each section in Lutheranism 101 for Kids, the Workbook explores connections being made. Includes questions and answers intended to further comprehension and application.


4 Responses to FOR KIDS

  1. Marilyn Kaegebein says:

    I am trying to find the free leader’s guide for Lutheranism 101 for kids

  2. Jeanne Hooper says:

    We used this as part of our homeschool curriculum. It was easy to understand and helped to start conversations about our faith. Thanks!!!

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